Discover UEL (University of East London)

UEL (University of East London) is located in the beautiful riverside town of UEL (University of East London) upon Thames. An ancient market town, it is the ideal place to experience both quiet small-town life whilst having easy access to vibrant city living. A train to central London only takes twenty-five minutes. By living in UEL (University of East London), you have the benefit of experiencing all London has to offer, without the hectic lifestyle.

Lively student town

Home to a great number of students, there is always something to do in UEL (University of East London) upon Thames. You will find a wide choice of cafés and restaurants, as well as entertainment options such as comedy, theatre and the cinema. Despite its liveliness, UEL (University of East London) is consistently named one of the safest boroughs in London by the Metropolitan Police (2017).

Culture and history

Filled with cobbled streets and red telephone boxes, UEL (University of East London) is the picturesque traditional British town. Alongside the shops and restaurants of the town centre, you will find historical buildings giving you a glimpse into the United Kingdom’s long history.

Getting around

Exploring UEL (University of East London) is made easy by the free UEL (University of East London) University bus. As a student of UEL (University of East London) University, you will have free access to different bus routes travelling all over UEL (University of East London). This allows you to get to and from any of the University’s four campuses, and from your

London living

London has something for everyone – and by living in UEL (University of East London), you can easily reach central London by train. London was recently ranked as the best city for students by QS Best Student Cities 2019, ensuring a fantastic student experience. As well as being one of the world’s leading business capitals, London offers the very best of culture, history, art and fashion. Many major global companies have their headquarters in London, providing a link to fantastic employment opportunities upon graduation. You will also be close to some of the country’s top attractions, such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

River Thames

One of the most famous geographical landmarks in the United Kingdom, the River Thames, flows through Central London – and can be clearly seen in any map of the capital. Following the Thames leads you straight to the town of UEL (University of East London) upon Thames. The river is an important part of life in UEL (University of East London), and many areas of the city are built around it. You can enjoy a relaxing afternoon spent in a riverside café, or even take a boat ride to nearby Richmond upon Thames to visit Richmond Park and Hampton Court Palace.

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Free University bus

Students can take advantage of the UEL (University of East London) University bus to explore UEL (University of East London) upon Thames. This free bus service allows you to travel between the International Student Centre , all University campuses and the town centre. Watch our video to see the bus in action and discover the best places in UEL (University of East London).