Colleagues at our University of East London International Study Centre joined our students recently in celebrating Lunar New Year and Valentines Day in one hectic week at the end of a very busy couple of months in our Centre.

In January, we reached a major milestone with over 750 students now enrolled in our centre, working with over 40 staff members in over 50 classes a day at our East London campus.  After a very successful induction week, attention turned our first Festival Week.

Our celebration week first involved Lunar New Year themed quizzes for all our students held in their classes across campus. On 14 February itself, attention turned to Valentine’s Day, with students invited to add their wishes to our Centre Heart.  As Mythili Theivendran, Student Services Manager, explained ‘our students celebrated love’s diverse expressions, sharing its essence in their own languages in our Heart.  It reminded us that love exceeds borders, languages, and cultures, uniting us in its universal embrace. We were encouraged to continue to cherish and celebrate love in all its forms, together’.

Everybody in the centre is looking forward to many more celebrations with our largest student body over the coming months!