Embracing Diwali/Tihar: A Cultural Exchange 

November at the University of East London’s International Study Centre (UEL ISC) kicked off with the vibrant and joyous celebration of Diwali, also known as Tihar among the Nepalese. Spearheaded by students Daisy Jayeshkumar Gandhi and Sona Rasaily, the festivities brought a burst of cultural richness to the campus. Staff and students were treated to an enlightening presentation about the festival’s significance, followed by an engaging quiz to test their newfound knowledge. Lastly, traditional Indian sweets were handed out to the classes to provide a real taste of the culture surrounding the celebrations. 

A World of Opportunities: The November Trips Programme 

The month continued with the exciting November UEL ISC Trips Programme, providing students with unique learning experiences outside the classroom. 

The World Travel Market: A Global Hub 

First up was a visit to the ExCel for the World Travel Market, a pivotal business-to-business event in the travel and tourism sector. This event was particularly significant for the visiting IYO Hospitality students, who immersed themselves in various experiences like a flight simulator and an interactive football game, courtesy of Turkish Airlines. Beyond the fun, the event was a perfect networking opportunity, allowing students to connect with industry professionals and gain practical insights into the travel and tourism industry. 

The Business Show: Unveiling the Secrets of Success 

Next on the agenda was The Business Show, renowned as Britain’s largest business event. With a focus on innovation and adaptation, this year’s theme, “Getting Britain Back to Business,” resonated strongly with the IGD Business students. The show presented them with the invaluable opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs and small businesses, offering a first-hand look into starting and running a successful business in 2023. The event was not just informative but also enjoyable, with plenty of freebies to go around. 

Engineering Insights: London Build Expo 

Lastly, the IYO engineering students also had a trip, venturing to the London Build Expo at Olympia. As a landmark event in construction and design, the Build Expo was an educational goldmine for these students, showcasing the latest innovations and developments in the field. The visit offered them a chance to delve deeper into their area of study and gain valuable industry insights. 

A Month of Learning and Cultural Exchange 

November at UEL ISC was a testament to the dynamic and holistic approach to education. From cultural festivities to industry-specific expos, students had the chance to broaden their horizons, both culturally and professionally. These events not only enriched their academic experience but also prepared them for the diverse and challenging world beyond university walls. As we look back at this remarkable month, it’s clear that UEL ISC is dedicated to offering its students more than just a degree – it’s about providing a comprehensive and enriching journey through education.